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We love people, and we spend our time finding creative, funny, unique ways to help you check out God, make sense of the Bible, and build relationships with other Shoreliners. Hang around for more than five minutes, and you’ll learn that well-timed one-liners and a healthy appreciation for good sarcasm are almost as important as the 2PM coffee run. We pray together on Tuesday mornings, so if you have something you’d like us to pray for, send it on over.

Lead Pastors
While we prefer to meet you in person and have a conversation about what we believe and why, we realize that it’s not always possible to do that. Also, some people feel more comfortable if they can get a preview, and we understand that (although we know you will just love us once you meet us). Click here for a summary of what we talk about at our Shoreline Open House, held monthly at each campus. If you have any questions, that’s a great place to ask them!
Shoreline’s Next Generation Ministry exists to focus solely on your kids. The leaders at every level are involved because they love the age group they work with, and want to see them Know God, Make Friends and Find Their Place. We do that in ways that make sense at each age level. Our goal is to help your kids grow spiritually in stages, the same way they grow physically. We help them “Make the Discovery” that God loves them, “Grow Strong” in their relationship with God, and “Live Big” by preparing them to engage their lives in something bigger than themselves.

Tidepools - 0-5 Years
Shorebreak - 1st-5th Grades
Epic Student Life - 6th-12th Grades