If you’re looking for the 90-Day Tithe Challenge, you can find it here.

If you have a super cool giving story to share, you can do that here.

At Shoreline Church, we are 100% funded through the charitable support of people who call Shoreline their church home, and who believe in why we do what we do. Just click the blue button above to give safely and securely through Planning Center.

Other ways to give:

1. In person at any Shoreline service
2. Click to text. (What is Text-to-Give?) Be sure to use the code: TITHE.
3. Via snail mail to 140 Palmetto Street, Destin, FL 32541


We exist to change people’s perception of God by changing their perception of church. Everything you give to Shoreline goes to do that in some way. Sometimes people want to know why we don’t have a food pantry or a second-hand clothes closet. It’s because there are so many organizations dedicated to full-time work doing these things that it’s much more effective for us to support them than to try to set up something we aren’t equipped to manage well. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’d rather make somebody else’s wheel go faster.

Not sure of or maybe even skeptical of this whole giving thing? We get it. That’s why we have a money-back guarantee. Check it out here.


Besides weekly operations and everything you see happening around Shoreline’s campuses, here are other people & places through which Shoreline helps make a difference:

Local Outreach:

Children in Crisis
Harvest House
Opportunity, Inc.
Supper on Saturday
Waterfront Rescue Mission

Global Outreach:

• Underground church support in restricted access nations – Project 1615, Inc.
• Human Trafficking Intervention in Nepal – Corbin & Katrina Bryant
• Children’s Ministry in Bali – Ado & Claire Young
• Business Micro-Loan Initiative – Ado & Claire Young

Churches We Coach/Sponsor:

Ridgeline Church – Asheville
Faith City Church – Titusville
Sound Church – Seattle
Verve – Las Vegas

How We Help Start More Churches:

Association of Related Churches