Destin Grub Club

Destin Grub Club

How cool is it to live in such an amazing town loved by many across the world. We are the place people come to find respite, to relax and rewind. Their trips are made memorable by the many locals who serve in our tourism industry daily. 

Shoreline Church has joined forces with local families and businesses to provide a free lunch to service industry workers along the harbor and beaches of holiday isle. What better way to say

We See You

We appreciate You

We Love You

No Strings Attached!

If you are a service industry worker and would like to receive a free lunch every Thursday from memorial day to labor day, sign up now! Space limited to the first 150 who sign up:

Want to partner with us?

The majority of those working in the service industry in and around Destin are young adults from our local communities. These are the front line workers feeding the economy, now it’s time for us to feed them! We will be partnering with local restaurants, organizations, and families to provide those working on the docks, at the harbor, and at local beaches a free lunch each week. Costs include: food, containers/bags, marketing materials, shirts for volunteers, gas/maintenance of golf carts etc.

Thank you to our partners: